After the success of FSci International Internship Program 2015 -2019, we have launched FSci International Internship Program 2020 for required posts and the duration of the program will be two months from 19 June to 17 August 2020 (arrival of the selected students should be between June 17-18 and departure between August 18-19, 2020). The selected students will receive academic research training in laboratory detail as in the enclosed first announcement leaflet.  We will support no more than two students from our partner universities with accommodation, research equipment and health and accident insurance. If you are interested to send more students, the additional qualified students will be charged a fee of 30,000 THB for accommodation, research equipment and insurance. Please note that no tuition fee will be charged in this program. The detail is in the enclosed guidance.  All students will be asked to give internship reports and presentations.  At the end of the program, the students will deliver final presentations.

This program will be assisting in increasing student mobility and closer collaboration between partners. Please publicize this program to your students. Enclosed herewith the program application form, list of request fields and the poster, or you can download the application package here :

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