The Department of English Teaching Methodology formerly under the School of Education, was established ​​in March 2015. The initial name was Department of English, and then renamed the Department of English Teacher Education in 2008 when a division of staff was transferred to the Department of Foreign Languages ​​under the School of Social Sciences and Humanities.


 The mission of the Department is to train human resources of high quality for the Mekong Delta. Graduates are qualified to work in English language training institutions such as schools, language centers, vocational schools, colleges and universities. In addition, graduates can handle a number of positions in the agencies for example office secretaries, receptionists, and translators.

 The major functions of the Department include training pre service English teachers, and offering professional development courses on English language proficiency and teaching methodology for teachers in the Mekong Delta. In addition, the Department conducts scientific research on basic issues in teacher education, teaching foreign languages, and applying information technology in teaching foreign languages ​​to renovate teaching and learning at CTU and in the Mekong Delta.


Bachelor of Arts in English Language Education: Code 52140231, duration: 4 years.

After graduation, students can work at schools of all levels, vocatoonal colleges, and other institutions.

Master of Arts in TESOL Principles and Methodology: Code 60140111, duration: 2 years.

After graduation, students can work in schools, colleges, universities, and other units.

The English Teacher Education Department has 22 lecturers who have obtained MA degrees in Tesol, Applied Linguistics and Education. There are 5 Ph.D holders and one associate professor. Currently, the Department admits a number of top students annually.

Research areas

English teaching methodology, IT application in teaching, professional development for English teachers and basis issues in language teacher education.

Conducted projects

Assessment of teacher training results of the School of Education, Cantho University through the survey of students, alumni from courses 25 to 30, (Ministry level). Nguyen Thanh Duc, MA, research member, 2008-2009.


English proficiency of pre-service English teachers in 120-credits program at Cantho University. Project Manager: Doctor Nguyen Van Loi, 2012. (Member: Do Xuan Hai, MA. Chung Thi Thanh Hang, MA)

Questioning in the classroom of the School of Education, Cantho University. Project Manager: Nguyen Thanh Duc, MA, 2013.

Enhancing learner autonomy in English teaching: Awareness and implementation of English language teachers at Southern universities. Project Manager: Doctor  Nguyen Van Loi, 2014. (Member: Chung Thi Thanh Hang, MA, Truong Nguyen Quynh Nhu, MA, Pham Thi Mai Duyen, MA)

The actual use of extra-curricular time of students in the School of Education. Project Manager: Nguyen Thanh Duc, MA, 2014.

Structure moves from the introduction of research articles on linguistics in English and Vietnamese: Collation on the basis of genre. Do Xuan Hai, MA, 2015.

Exploring the rhetoric structure in the Introduction section of the English-language journals on applied linguistics based on genres. Do Xuan Hai, MA, 2015.

Alternative Assessment in English Teaching: Beliefs and practice of Secondary School Teachers. Project Manager: Chung Thi Thanh Hang, MA, 2016.

Development of scientific research capacity for teachers and pedagogical students in the Mekong Delta (Ministry level). Project Manager: Doctor Trinh Quoc Lap, 2015-2016.

Building a community English model for the Mekong Delta. (Subject of Project NNQG2020). Project Manager: Ly Thi Bich Phuong, MA, Members: Doctor Diep Kien Vu, Phan Viet Thang, MA, 2015.

Enhanced English Curriculum- Level 3 for non-English majors in the Mekong Delta. (Subject under the Scheme 2020). Manager: Doctor Nguyen Van Loi. (main member: Doctor Phuong Hoang Yen, et al.), 2015.

Enhanced English language instruction for students in the Mekong Delta. (Subject under the Scheme 2020). Editor: Duong Thi Phi Oanh, MA & Phan Thi My Khanh, MA, 2015.

Training workshops

Regular training on teaching methods for English teachers at all levels in the Mekong Delta.

Training courses on English skills for teachers of general English in local colleges and universities in the National Foreign Language Project 2020 from 2012.

Training courses on English teaching capacity for teachers of secondary schools, colleges and universities in accordance with Project 2020, since 2012.

Training on teaching methods of primary English for primary teachers in the Mekong Delta, Project 2020, since 2012.


Training of trainers on classroom assessment for college educators in the South West region, December 2014. Project 2020


Capacity building for developing teaching materials for local teachers, December 2015. PROJECT 2020


Training on the transfer of English teaching curriculums for English high school teachers and lecturers of the Mekong Delta region, December 2015.


International cooperation


Collaboration with Princeton-in-Asia: annually receives volunteers from the United States for teaching at the Department.


Collaboration with Department of Graduate Studies (Phranakong University) to hold/attend the international conference on postgraduate research at Phranakong University every year.



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