- Introduction

The Department of French Teaching Methodology - School of Foreign Languages, formerly French Department of Pedagogy belonging to the School of Education, was separated from the School of Education on 31 March 2015.

 The Department consists of 9 lecturers including 01 associate professor, 04 PhDs, 02 doctoral students, 1 master, 02 master's degree candidates, and 01 French lecturer. All of them have been trained in short-termed or long-termed training courses in France and Belgium.

 In addition, the Department also regularly welcomes French experts and volunteers to work and teach some modules in the training programs.

 - History:

Department of French Teacher Education belongs to School of Foreign Languages, formerly French Department of Pedagogy, School of Education.

 - From 1975 to 1996: Department of French under the former School of Foreign Languages

 - From 1996 to 2008: Department of French Studies under the School of Education

 - From 2008 to 2015: Department of French Pedagogy under the School of Education

 - From 2015 up to now: Department of French Teacher Education under the School of Foreign Languages

 - Responsibilities and functions: The Department of French Teacher Education is assigned and plays a key role in training French teachers in the Mekong Delta. The department has trained many generations of qualified French teachers, many of whom have become reputable teachers holding many important positions in the education system.

 - Training:

 The Department is now responsible for the French Teacher Training Program.

 - Education program

 Four-year bachelor's degree in French: 140 credits

 + general knowledge block: 42 credits

 + basic knowledge of the field: 35 credits

 + specialized knowledge: 63 credits

 In addition, students have opportunities to study modules on language theory, language skills, culture and literature, teaching methods, interpreting, French tourism, French business to meet the needs of the job market after graduation.

 The training program is designed to be flexible so that students can study well to shorten their training time or to study dual majors.

 The goal of the program is to train high school teachers to meet the standards built on the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training. Specifically, after the completion of the program, students are able to possess fluent French language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), and have good and systematic general knowledge, knowledge of French language and culture, and professional pedagogical skills to do well the teaching in schools or other educational institutions.

 - Career opportunities

 After graduation, students in the French Education sector have the following career opportunities:

 + Working at universities and colleges with international cooperation programs with Francophone partners or with French language programs.

 + Teaching at high schools, junior high schools and elementary schools with French teaching programs.

 + Teaching French at Foreign Language Centers.

 In addition, they can:

 + Work as tour guides, staff of travel companies, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, airline ticket companies, etc where French is needed,

 + Work in Notary Offices, Departments of Home Affairs, External Affairs, Public Security Offices, TV/radio stations, companies, …

 + Work at the diplomatic offices of France, Canada, Belgium ...

 With the French Teacher's Degree, students also have the opportunity to study for Master's degree in disciplines including Science of Languages, Educational Sciences, International Relations and Law in French-speaking countries.

 - Activities:

 In addition to the French Bachelor’s degree, the Department is also responsible for training master's degrees in Principles and Teaching Methods in French Education, and organizing training and retraining courses to regularly improve the level and professional capacity of teachers at all levels, from primary to high school in the Mekong Delta.

 The Department has a tradition of international cooperation with many Francophone partners (Francophone International, French-Asia Pacific Center, Francophone Language Organization, Technology Support Center, Campus France, French Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, French Embassy) and has signed many cooperation agreements with French universities (Caen, Rouen, Nice) .

 In particular, since 2010, the Department has had cooperation with Rangsit University, Thailand for the exchange and training programs of students. Accordingly, every year, the Department of French Teacher Education sends students to Thailand and receives students from Thailand for short courses. Thanks to such exchange activities, students of both schools have the opportunity to study, practice more languages, and approach innovative teaching and learning methods from each other. In addition, the two sides regularly exchange lecturers through training programs and seminars to improve the quality of teaching and research of teachers from both sides.

 In addition, with its prestige and important position, the Department is also selected by the French Embassy as the center for the certification of the French language DELF-DALF according to the framework of foreign languages ​​in Europe. This is the only center in the Mekong Delta.


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