- Introduction:

             Department of French Language & Culture was established in April 2015 together with the establishment of the Shool of Foreign Languages. The Department recruites students annually for the French language major coded D220203. In addition, the Department is responsible for teaching basic French to students within the university and students in the second degree and part-time programs. There are 10 lecturers in charge of the French language studies programs with nearly 350 French-majored students and nearly 1,000 students studying basic French 1, 2 and 3.

             - Duties and functions:

             + In charge of French language training (Code D220203). Entrance exam D1, D3

             + In charge of teaching basic French for all students

 Introduction of French Language and Culture Program

            + Training objectives:

             The French Language Department offers French-language bachelor’s degree to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the needs of society in the process of economic integration. Students are supposed to possess

             - Ability in language skills to communicate effectively in French in a multicultural environment. Students have a level of French equivalent to B2 or higher in the European Reference Framework.

             - Deep knowledge of French language, culture and society.

             - Mastery of professional skills in the French-related areas, such as travel, translation, interpreting, office correspondence, foreign trade.

             Students can also develop the necessary soft skills in the future work environment such as collaborative skills, presentation skills, problem solving skills, independent study skills.

             + Job Opportunities: Graduates of the major French Language can do the work of tourist guides, translators, secretaries of office, receptionsts at Provincial Department of Foreign Affairs, or companies, hotels and projects; to act as editors, press reporters, in radio and television stations; or to teach French at General schools and language centers (after obtaining additional pedagogical certificates).

             + Ability to further study, improve the level of themselves after graduation

 After graduating from the French language bachelor's degree program, students can apply for a Master's degree program in French Language, French Literature, Educational Administration, French Language Teaching Methods ...) to get Master's and PhD degrees at both domestic and foreign universities.

                 + Entrance Examination Unit: D1, D3

                 + Training time: 4 years 


+ International cooperation and research:

             The Department regularly welcomes professors and experts from Belgium and France to teach and train staff and students of the Department, as well as regularly receives foreign volunteer teachers to teach French. .

 Major cooperation projects:

             - In cooperation with the Brussels Interpretation Training Institute (ISTI - Belgium) for professional training in the field of translation

             - Participating in the project "Capacity Building for Translators and Interpreters" funded by Belgian Government for Vietnamese Universities

             - Cooperation with the Language Department, University of Tours (France) on the exchange of staff and students (signed cooperation agreement between two schools).

             - As a member of the Consortium of French departments of Francophone AUF

 + Student Activities:

             The French Speaking Club of the department is quite effective, attracting hundreds of participants. Each month, the activity is focused on useful contents suitable with professional and professional skills and fun games.

             - The student team of the Department of French Language and Culture won the first prize in the national competition Dynamic French for many consecutive years and two times won the second prize in the Asia-Pacific region French Competition.

             - The department regularly organizes events where students can practice French language with native volunteer teachers.

             - Every year, the Department sends students to "Francophone International Student Camp" organized by AUF in Hanoi and Thailand.

             - Over the past years, the Department has organized many competitions for students of French: French rhetoric contest, "French fairy tales" contest, French dessert contest, "Tour guide French good" ...

              - Every year, the Department organizes field trips for French language students to help students broaden their general knowledge, improve their knowledge of the profession, get exposed to the real world of work.

              - Board of Directors:

              - Head of Department: Diep Kien Vu, PhD

              - Deputy Head of Department: Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Thao, MA



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